Camping on the Beach

Bring Your Employees To Ethos Remote Habitat

Remote work is not a trend - it's here to stay. Make it a great experience for your employees!


Ethos Remote Habitat is made for employers who have a distributed workforce. We enable you to set up your own company campus for your employees to rejuvenate themselves by living and working remotely from safe spaces in beautiful locations in nature.


We are offering a new way for people to thrive and revitalize by living in nature, experiencing nourishing and organic food, transformational workshops, group activities, and learning immersions. We promote healthy living and emotional wellbeing to deal with mental health and other isolation related challenges.

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Community & Nature


Everything Included

Ethos enables you to offer your employees:

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Your Benefits

Boost your employee satisfaction, productivity, and performance

Keep up with the tendency that major tech giants are adopting and become the most wanted employer

Unique way to attract and retain your talents

Reinforce your company culture and strengthen team building


The Process


Fill out an application form.


Tell us about your company and needs.


Chat with an Ethos team member about your team, what your goal out of this retreat is, and get more details from us.

What happens in the background?


We curate and vet properties to create a unique environment that your company can take over so your workers can live and work from there for periods of 2 weeks up to 3 months.

In order to help cultivate an inspirational and bonding experience, we have our staff on-premise coordinating the programming specifically designed for your employees and being a touchpoint for anything they might need.

Past Remote Habitat Experiences

Community & Collaboration
Play & Activity
Growth & Inspiration
Healing & Balance