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Inspire yourself in community and create your deepest work to date.


In collaboration with 1 Hotels, we are hosting a gathering of forward-looking entrepreneurs, executives, and investors that want to experience the future of remote work.  

If you run a company or a team of remote employees, come for 8-10 days to experience the future of remote work.


Ethos Remote is an untethered home for newly forming and borderless organizations carrying and living a shared vision of the world where their employees can work even more effectively from anywhere, at a distance. 


We enable companies with a remote workforce to bring their employees together to live and work remotely in community out of beautiful hotels. 


Experience first-hand the solution for remote first organizations. Get revitalized and create deep connections with amazingly inspiring people.

We believe holistic wellbeing and human connection are the keys to productive and healthy living.

* * * * *

Replace your existing home office with working from an astonishing property in sunny California, revitalize and regain your wellbeing while immersed in an inspiring community of incredible people.

* * * * *

Our Pillars



Collaboration +



Holistic Wellbeing

Mind +

Body Wellness


Regenerative Experience

Revitalization  + Conscious Living

Upcoming Experiences 


Starting at $550/night all taxes and fees incl. ($3,750 in savings)

1 Hotel x Ethos Remote West Hollywood, CA - April 30 - May 9

April 30 - May 9

For: founders & CEOs, investors, executives and employees, heads of HR mavericks, pioneers and team managers

8 - 10 days

Includes among many others:

  • Accommodation

  • WiFi + Private and public workspaces

  • 3 meals and non-alcoholic drinks 

  • Community, programming and events

  • Cleaning

  • Special discounted 1 Hotel rate

Limited spots available

Pets welcome


1 Hotel x Ethos Remote South Beach, FL

June 2021

Starting at $895 night (total savings +$6,500)

Private room & bathroom

10 days

Accommodation, meals, cleaning, programming, all included!

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