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Where are the properties for ERH located?

We have remote properties and properties that are within driving distance from major cities like NYC, SF, LA depending on the client's needs. Driving distance means 1-5 hours by car. 

How are meals prepared?

At Ethos, food is at the heart of everything we do and for Ethos Remote Habitat employees enjoy freshly cooked nourishing meals made with sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. Each location will have a chef on-premise to cook everything, from daily breakfast, lunch and dinner to extraordinary family-style dinners.

What are the meal options?

All our meals will be prepared with sustainable and ethically sourced local food. In every location, we will have vegan and non-vegan offerings. For other dietary requirements, we try to accommodate these.

What does Ethos stand for?

Same as for our Ethos Members, we promote for people to inspire one another and to share and drive their experience by three central pillars: mission in life, personal values/mind-set, and relevance to others. We encourage people to contribute and participate as a community.


How do you provide a safe and healthy space?

Ethos is able to secure COVID-19 serology (antibody) tests that guests can take during the journey. Guests will be required to stay for at least 2 weeks for quarantine.

If you feel symptoms or feel sick, you have to get a PCR test for COVID-19 at CityMD prior to coming. (CityMD Information:

Are we practicing social distancing?

We will fully comply with local government guidance on social distancing. For us, the most important thing is that the group has no interactions with the local population therefore we are coordinating arrival to the property in similar dates and a mandatory quarantine that starts upon arrival of 14 days. This includes the staff living on the premises. Groceries are delivered to us.

What if someone gets sick?

Every location we have selected is in proximity of a local hospital and we will have a vehicle available 24/7 in case of an emergency.

Is there a hospital nearby?

Yes. All locations we chose have medical care nearby.

Are there private workspaces?

Guests can work from their private accommodation as well as common areas. Common areas feature a convenient remote work setup with a lot of space for concentration, work, and enough power outlets for everyone.

Better than working from home or the typical workspace.

What about WiFi?

WiFi is one of the main requirements we ask from property owners so guests can continue their daily life and work. Our properties may be secluded, but we require them to have WiFi, even if there is no cell signal.


What is included in the price?

For each of your guests, we include lodging in a single occupancy room, 3 meals a day and snacks prepared by our chef, coffee and tea, programming and events, among other surprises.

All rates are for single occupancy. For an additional person in the same room, there is an extra fee. 

What do events and programming look like?

Our events and programming are based on three different topics:

A. Informative / Educational: Panels, intimate conversations, and movies.

B. Social: Family-style dinners and meals, music, games, and adventures.

C. Community Contribution: community-driven programming and experiences.

Who will be there from Ethos?

The retreat will be coordinated and attended by our experience ambassador and our events and programming personnel.

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