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List Your Property for Ethos Remote Habitat


To avoid low occupancy and having to shut down your hospitality business due to the COVID-19 crisis, Ethos Remote Habitat offers you a possibility to rent out your entire property to enterprises.

We are looking for property owners that can rent their entire hotels, houses, condos, or other lodging properties for at least 30 days (usually 1-6 months) so we can bring remote employees from top corporations that have adopted "work from home" and "work from anywhere" initiatives (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc.). ERH will bring experts to guide and coordinate the experience and create a safe space for their employees.

Why List With Us

Earn stable income during COVID times

Keep your operations and staff running

We offer a flat monthly rate per room

Ethos staff coordinates the entire experience

Additional $$$ per person for meals and other expenses

We find, vet and book all the clients

Property Requirements


15+ Private Rooms/Apartments

Reliable WiFi (+50 mbps)

Located in the U.S.

(preferably driving distance from NY, SF, LA)

Large Property or Recreational Space


Recreational Activities Closeby

Kitchen & Exceptional Food


Staff on Premise


Outside Work & Play Area

Located in Nature or A Beautiful Location

Communal Indoor Space

Secluded And Private

What We Do

We find clients to take over your property and bring our staff to guide and coordinate the experience and create a safe space for the guests. 

What You Do

Step 1: Submit details

Step 2: Rent entire property

Step 3: Run your standard operations on-site

We are looking for authentic places with a focus on details - traditional, historic, upscale, and inspiring. We want to work with the hospitality providers that have honest, sincere, personal, guest-centered & friendly service.

We're focused on creating a space for remote employees to work and decompress in nature.

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